Professional Position Negotiation Process

Approvals after the hiring committee have made a recommendation and HR has approved the committee report (average timeline ~7 days):

  1. The hiring committee chair will notify Supervisor.
  2. HR/Committee chair will supply the supervisor with the candidate’s vita and the position’s job description.
  3. Supervisor emails CE HR, CE Finance, PL, and Associate Dean (administrative hiring committee) within five days of clearing approval with UM HR. For split appointments, a member from the other unit must be included.
    • The supervisor provides the administrative hiring committee with recommendations for the following parameters:
      1. Salary and address these parameters.
        • Experience (1-2 years, 3-5 years, 6+)
        • Education
        • Funding history or if they are arriving with funding.
        • Examine other professional salaries
        • Other certifications
        • Base or soft-funded
      2. Office Location
      3. Start Date
      4. Other Items
        The below items and funds are not required, but please address them when you contact the administrative hiring committee.

        • Moving costs – $3,500 (Optional)
        • Technology requests (Computer – $1,500) and basic office furniture/equipment ($1,500) (Optional)
        • Visa and international employment costs (Optional)
        • Lab space (Optional)
        • Technicians and Grad assistantships (Optional)
        • Partner accommodations (Optional)
        • Reference an MOU (For split appointments and special situations)
  4. The supervisor presents and begins candidate negotiation within two business days of the administrative hiring committee email/meeting.
  5. Once the final offer has been negotiated, the administrative hiring committee will receive an update.
  6. The Supervisor and Associate Dean will provide a letter to the candidate with a tentative offer (Tentative Offer Letter issued by Associate Dean).
  7. HR will then start the official hiring process.