4-Hing at a Distance Activity Ideas

Download this tip sheet: 4-Hing at a Distance Activity Ideas (PDF)

The goal of 4-H is to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential activities and a positive youth development approach. When clubs meet in-person, they usually have a hands-on educational activity to do together. So how do you offer a virtual activity that youth can participate in while creating a sense of belonging with one another? Try some of these ideas:

Practice 4-H Demonstrations

At each meeting, have one youth give a presentation. Members watching can provide feedback orally or in the chat box.

Arts and Crafts Workshop

Choose an activity. Provide a supply list prior to the meeting or send materials. Show a video clip (YouTube or other source) to demonstrate the steps. Answer questions and comment on their progress as they work. Invite youth to submit their project to the Fair Exhibit Hall.

Provide feedback in the chat box.

Community Service

Brainstorm ideas with youth about doing something to make a difference in their community. Ideas might include organizing a drive-by birthday shoutout, covering a healthcare worker’s mailbox with hearts, helping adults learn how to use a form of technology, stacking wood or offering yard clean-up for an elderly person.

Scavenger Hunt

Provide a list of items and challenge youth to spend five minutes to see how many of the items they can find in their house.

Notes of Gratitude

Everyone loves to get a letter in the mail and feel appreciated. Write thank-you notes to healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store employees or teachers.

Club Exchange

Plan a virtual meeting with another club. Learn more about a project they are working on, have youth from one club teach a skill to the other club or practice for a Quiz Bowl or livestock judging event.

Practice Stress Management Skills

Take a few minutes of your virtual meeting to encourage strategies like deep breathing, stretching and chair yoga to help manage stress. Turn up the music and have a three-minute dance party.

Plan a virtual meeting