Tips for Hosting a Virtual 4-H Club Meeting

Download this tip sheet: Tips for Hosting a Virtual 4-H Club Meeting (PDF)

Setting up and hosting a virtual 4-H club meeting might feel a bit overwhelming. But by following these tips you can create an opportunity to help 4-H members in your club continue to feel a sense of belonging when face-to-face meetings might not be an option.

Become familiar with Zoom. The video tutorial on this page provides a quick overview.

Become familiar with Zoom.

Be flexible and understanding.

If youth aren’t able to participate, there shouldn’t be any penalty. Virtual 4-H club meetings cannot be mandatory and cannot count against club attendance.

Choose a video conferencing platform.

Zoom is a popular option. With a free account, it can be used for meetings 40 minutes or less. Volunteers can sign up for the free version at the Zoom website or contact your county office to schedule your meeting.

Promote and teach positive virtual meeting etiquette.

This is a great opportunity to help youth learn appropriate behaviors for online interactions.

Risk management is still important.

Whether meeting in person or virtually, it is important to follow 4-H policies and guidelines to keep everyone safe during a virtual club meeting. The following recommendations include:

  • Volunteers should never meet one-on-one with a youth.
  • Virtual meetings should not be recorded.
  • Zoom links should be shared via a private group chat, text or email with 4-H members. Do not post links publicly giving access to people outside of the club.
  • When setting up the meeting, uncheck the box to enable others to join before host.
  • Use the “group chat” but disable the “private chat” feature.
  • Be the last to leave the meeting. This will ensure all youth have signed out of the meeting.

Use the “group chat” but disable the “private chat” feature.