Abbreviations and Acronyms* Used by Extension**

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

AFUM – Associated Faculties of the University of Maine System

ACSUM – Associated COLT Staff of the University of Maine System

APHIS – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

CACE – Classified Advancement Committee for Extension

CARET – Committee for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching

CEAC – Classified Employees Advisory Council

CEA Community Education Associate

CEA County Extension Association

CEC – County Executive Committee

CYFAR – Children, Youth and Families At Risk

ECOP – Extension Committee on Organization and Policy

EDEN – Extension Disaster Education Network

EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity

EFNEP – Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

ELT – Extension Leadership Team

EPC – Extension Professionals Committee

EPPRC – Extension Professionals Peer Review Committee

EssC – Extension Support Staff Committee

FSD – Flexible Staff Development

FSIS – Food Safety and Information Service

FTE – Full Time Equivalent

HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

IDO – Interdepartmental Order

IPM – Integrated Pest Management

LINE – Limited Income Nutrition Education

MAC – Maine Ag. Center

MEA – Maine Extension Association

MEHC – Maine Extension Homemakers Council

MHH – Maine Harvest for Hunger

NARS – Narrative Accountability Reporting System

NASULGC – National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges

NIFA – National Institute of Food and Agriculture

PA – Program Administrator

PAC – Policy Advisory Committee

PAF – Personnel Action Form

PC – Peer Committee

PEAC – Professional Employees Advisory Council

PLT – Program Leadership Team

PMO – Pest Management Office

PO – Purchase Order

POW – Plan of Work

PRC – Peer Review Committee

UMPSA – University of Maine Professional Staff Association

UMS – University of Maine System

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

* Abbreviation refers to any shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase. Abbreviations may consist of initialisms, acronyms, contractions as well as some other shortened word forms. An acronym is a type of abbreviation where a new word is formed from the first letters of a series of words. So, NASA and COBRA are acronyms whereas HTTP and IBM are not.  All acronyms are abbreviations, but not every abbreviation is an acronym. This is the main difference between acronym and abbreviation.

** Revised Jan. 2019