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Program-Specific & Volunteer Resources - Volunteer Development Resources

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Volunteers building a shed at the UMaine 4-H Camp & learning Center at Tanglewood

Staff Toolkit (Policies, Forms and More)

Additional Resources by Topic

  • Episodic Volunteers
  • Volunteer Planning Committees: How to recruit, organize and establish for success (Word). A self-instruction guide
  • Volunteer Research Knowledge and Competency Taxonomy Lesson Plans: The VRKC Taxonomy is based on the identified skills and competencies that volunteers will need in order to effectively deliver 4-H Youth Development programs and activities in the next decade. This series of lesson plans was originally designed for training 4-H volunteers, but some of them may work well with other program area volunteers. To access the complete set of lesson plans, go to
  • Volunteerism for the Next Generation Fact Sheet Series is adapted from the TAXI curriculum that was produced by National 4-H Council in the mid 90’s. TAXI was one of the primary volunteerism resources identified by internal and external experts when the National 4-H Learning Priority Team on Volunteerism began their work in 2007. The National 4-H Learning Priority Team on Volunteerism received permission from National 4-H Council to retrieve specific sections from TAXI and create new Volunteerism for the Next Generation (VNG) Fact Sheets. The fact sheets can be accessed at

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