Extension Communications and Marketing Team

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Team Members

  • Melissa Arndt, Director
  • Tracey Ferwerda, Publications Manager/Graphic Designer
  • Mari Glatter, Instructional Designer
  • Sarah Harris, Administrative Specialist CL3 – Online Learning
  • Mary Michaud, Administrative Specialist
  • Monica Palmer, CRM System Professional
  • Michelle Snowden, Webmaster
  • Matt Thomas, Web Professional
  • Tara Wood, Administrative Specialist
  • Whitney Yorston, CRM System Support Professional


The Extension Communications and Marketing Team is comprised of experienced staff who work with Extension employees to deliver research-based information to Maine citizens in response to community issues and needs.

We utilize a team-based approach to support staff in the effective, efficient use of internal and external resources using the internet as the primary mode for outreach.

The Communications and Marketing Team can help with your integrated programming needs.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension takes an integrated approach to educational program development with the Internet being the primary platform for outreach. The resulting educational outreach is a blend of asynchronous programming that is accessible to participants at times of their choosing, combined with live events that occur through the Internet, at office locations, and in the field.

What is the value promise?

With the content you provide, we can work with you to:

  • schedule, produce, and deliver your project in a timely manner;
  • ensure that all UMaine and UMaine Extension protocols and policies are followed;
  • turn your content into online publications, web pages, interactive forms, and more.

We can assist with:

  • effective communication
  • branding and promotion
  • media releases and storytelling
  • technical advice based on current trends and user data
  • editing, copyright issues, citations, and permission requests
  • online course design
  • liability issues, ADA compliance, analytics

 Getting Started

  1. Talk to your supervisor about your project proposal.
  2. Connect with Extension Communications and Marketing Team

Contact Us

You can contact our team at extension.communications@maine.edu.