Event Registration Support

We’re currently using the CDMS landing page but linking clients to new Salesforce event registration pages instead of using CDMS for registrations. Take a look at this Cooking for Crowds event as an example; click ‘Enroll’ to view the Salesforce registration page.

The complete Salesforce landing page will be live in November. Then, we’ll transfer previous registration data from CDMS to Salesforce, giving you access to past events and registrant information.

In early 2024, we’re launching a Brightspace course. It’ll cover creating events and managing registration lists in Salesforce. Keep an eye out for our email announcement about this opportunity!

Until early next year, Monica Palmer, Whitney Yorston, and Mary Michaud from the Extension Events Support Team will create any new events requiring online registration.

Event Platform Support

Mary Michaud, Administrative Specialist CL3
Monica Palmer,
 CRM System Professional
Whitney Yorston, CRM System Support Professional
Email: extension.events@maine.edu

Virtual Drop-In: Whitney hosts virtual office hours every Tuesday from 1:00–2:00 p.m. You can access this training through her Zoom Link (passcode: 059919).

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I have access to Salesforce?

In early 2024, we plan to launch a Brightspace course with full training on how to create your own events and how to get your registration lists in Salesforce. Stay tuned, we will be sending out another email when that opportunity has opened!

How do I get my registrant lists?

Reach out to us at extension.events@maine.edu and we will be able to help!