Two Week Session and Sailing Camp

Two Week Session

This program is for the camper who feels one week of camp is just not enough OR for the camper would love to learn to sail. This session is open to any camper, it is also a session that offers a sailing focus! Monday through Friday the 2-week session follows the same daily rhythm as the 1-week session … but on the weekend, the schedule is thrown to the wind in exchange for a grand adventure canoe trip to an island quarry or a trip to a remote beach! The session wraps up with a celebratory lobster bake and bonfire on the beach. We offer the two-week session weeks 3-4 with sailing focus and are now offering an option to turn weeks 7-8 into a two week session.

Four Happy Campers smiling

Sailing Session

Sailing instruction is provided by the St. George Community Sailing Foundation, which teaches sailing, seamanship and water safety to children and adults on Maine’s Saint George peninsula. The program also encourages respect for our water environment and honors Maine’s nautical history.

Lead by three experienced instructors, certified by the US Sailing Association, campers are given the opportunity to learn about:

  • Safety
  • Parts of a sailboat
  • Wind awareness
  • How sails work
  • Rigging the boat
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Capsize and overboard recovery
  • Leaving and returning to a dock or mooring
  • Right-of-way
  • Weather, tides, and currents
  • Knots and lines
  • Ecology of St. George harbors
  • History of St. George sailing

And above all, have plenty of FUN!