Small Bites – Looking Ahead to Fall

Small Bites -Practical Tips for Farm Resiliency

Authored by Coach Abby Sadauckas

Small Bites are short, informational articles with practical ideas about stress reduction, improved communication, and farm well-being. They are written by coaches from UMaine Extension’s Farm Coaching team. Farm Coaches are available at no cost to work remotely with farmers and farm families. 

What will your farm look like this fall?

As the farming season continues now is a great time to think ahead. It may be useful to take a few minutes and write down your thoughts, concerns, and ideas for the Fall and Winter. Consider these questions:

  • “How might my markets change this Fall and Winter?”

  • “How much money do I need to have saved by December 1st?”

  • “What bills do I want to have paid before the end of the growing season?”

  • “What information do I need to capture now so that decision making for 2021 will be easier?”

  • “Who might I collaborate with to sell more products this Winter?”

  • “How are my wholesale markets weathering this pandemic and economic downturn?”

As you review your answers, what are some things that jump out at you? How might your farm partner, spouse, or members of your management team answer these same questions? Asking some key questions now can enable you to monitor your progress toward them for the rest of the growing season and think about ways to solve problems before they happen.

Schedule a time with a farm coach to talk through your responses to these questions. Having a sounding board may be just what’s needed!