For Parents and Children

Is Your Child Ready for Chores?

NAGCAT logoChildren can grow up right before your eyes and every child’s growth and development is different. The North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) were developed based on the children’s agricultural chores — not based on age. The NAGCAT is a project of the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety. The National Children’s Center strives to enhance the health and safety of all children exposed to hazards associated with agricultural work and rural environments.

Top 10 Guidelines for Preventing Injury

  1. Working with large animals
  2. Driving a farm tractor (no implement attached)
  3. Farmwork with an All-Terrain Vehicle
  4. Feeding hay to cows (square bales)
  5. Farmstead equipment
  6. Trailed implement fieldwork
  7. Leading and grooming animals
  8. Repairing fence
  9. Using a front end loader
  10. Unloading hay

Top 10  Water Hazards Around the Farm

  1. Livestock water tanks and troughs
  2. Ponds, creeks, and streams
  3. Your little sister’s wading pool
  4. Flooded areas after heavy rain
  5. Manure pits and lagoons
  6. Drainage ditches or irrigation canals
  7. Five-gallon bucket with water
  8. Lawn sprinkler (just kidding, unless you are a turkey)
  9. Wells – those being used and those not being used
  10. Bird bath (depends on size of the bird!)