For Parents and Children

The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) is a coalition of organizations that work together to help keep children safe on the farm. These organizations represent the agricultural community, child injury prevention, minority-serving associations and related industry organizations.

Is Your Child Ready for Chores?

Children can grow up right before your eyes and every child’s growth and development is different. To learn more about child development, check out these resources for play, work, and tractors.

Top 10  Water Hazards Around the Farm

  1. Livestock water tanks and troughs
  2. Ponds, creeks, and streams
  3. Your little sister’s wading pool
  4. Flooded areas after heavy rain
  5. Manure pits and lagoons
  6. Drainage ditches or irrigation canals
  7. Five-gallon bucket with water
  8. Lawn sprinkler (just kidding, unless you are a turkey)
  9. Wells – those being used and those not being used
  10. Bird bath (depends on size of the bird!)