Get outside and brush off the cobwebs from the long winter! Spring mini is being held Saturday May 16th, 2020. This one-day intro will offer participants the chance to complete 3 workshop sessions of their choice. Topics vary, including sessions in forest ecology, wild game cooking, 3 different shooting sports, hunting and fishing skills, basic survival skills and many more.

Spring BOW Mini Session descriptions May 16th 2020

Participants have the option of a longer afternoon session or 2 shorter sessions. The first session is the
same length for all. After lunch, session 2 is either 4 hours with a short snack/bathroom break in the middle or 2 sessions of 2.5 hours each.

Register Online 

Fee: $85.00

Session I - 9:00-11:45   

  • Pistol/Handgun Shooting
  • Wild Game Cooking
  • Fly Fishing Basics -Gear, casting, and fly presentation
  • Turkey Hunting Tactics
  • Hiking Mt. Christopher: A short moderate forest ecology hike to this glacially carved ledge.
  • Wildlife Tracking-Exploring the forest for signs of wildlife
  • Archery 101- Learn the basics of shooting and improving accuracy.
  • Cast Iron Cooking
BOW participant: Pistol range
BOW participants cooking lesson
BOW Participants on the range
BOW participant at Archery range
BOW participant on climbing wall

Session II - Short Session 12-:45-3:15

  • Becoming a Hunter I – Getting started in Hunting
  • FlyTying
  • Canoe Tripping Skills
  • Vernal Pools- What lives and thrives here?
  • Wild Edibles – Survivalist Skills
  • Reading the Forested Landscape-Forest Ecology Hike
  • Map and Compass: Topographic Map and route planning for your next hike
  • Archery 101-Learn the basics of shooting and improving accuracy

Session II - Full Session 12-:45-5:30 (Will not choose a third session)

  • Shotgun Sporting Clays-Improving shotgun skills w/extended shooting time

Session III - 3:00-5:30

  • Climb to New Heights! Rock Climbing Basics
  • Bass Fishing Tricks and Tactics
  • Archery 102: Archery Shooting-Shot Placement and 3-D Shooting 
  • Preparing Brook Trout for the Table- Cleaning & Cooking Maine’s Favorite Fish!
  • Axemanship – Traditions of the Maine Woods
  • Campfire Cuisine-Fire cooking, Reflector Ovens, & More
  • Tree-stands & Ground-blinds
  • Primitive Skills: Wild Edibles-Seeking Nature’s Bounty