NorthStar Program Pillars

a graphic of the three pillars of Raising Youth Aspirations: Leadership/Adventure Education, Cultural Awareness and Exchange and Community Engagement

Leadership/Adventure Education

Students will be challenged to take on leadership roles during the NorthStar program. This may take the form of leading group meetings, taking attendance, planning expeditions, cooking, or being the leader of the day during trips.  Most trips will include an adventure component which might be hiking, canoeing, bike riding, zip lining, or even city exploration!

Community Engagement

The NorthStar program strives to integrate youth into the larger community. By valuing the concept of helping others, students will understand the needs of their communities and also build life skills. Students will be encouraged to bring service ideas to the group based on their personal interests and the needs they see in our community.  Examples have been volunteering with the Greenwood Fire Department at their Fish Fry, working with the Bethel Rotary Club to plant trees along the River Path in town, and working with MKA students on trail clean-up projects.

Cultural Awareness and Exchange

Students will be exposed to different cultures and other communities throughout the NorthStar experience.  We will challenge students to step outside of their comfort zones to meet new people and to understand the communities that we travel to.  We hope that we can also share what it means to live in Western Maine with the people we meet. We have traveled to coastal towns, attended the Common Ground Fair, visited art museums, and learned about some community members’ family histories through our NorthStar Preview Day at Telstar.