Caring Adult Mentors and Volunteer Opportunities

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adult volunteer scrambling eggsVolunteers are valued partners of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. The time, talents, and experiences that volunteers contribute strengthen Extension programs. Volunteers and Extension staff work together as a team to positively impact youth in our communities.

Adults that volunteer their time to support NorthStar students work under the supervision of Bryant Pond 4-H Center staff and work directly with students from Telstar Middle and High Schools. 

“What do we look like?”

We build relationships through conversation, games, smiles, cooking, being outdoors, and check-ins. We provide support systems to youth, encouragement, engagement, a fun and caring attitude, “eyes/ears on” adult supervision, and risk management support.

Students will work with many different community members over the course of their participation in the NorthStar Program. Volunteer mentors will participate alongside students in programming and will contribute by supporting students in the community-building process, with academics, by teaching real-world hands-on skills, aiding job searches and preparation,  the college applications process, and much more. Each cohort will work to set its own goals and our mentorship focus will be flexible.  Through the application process, we are committed to matching volunteers with the roles that best utilize their skills and available time.

Ways to Volunteer   Interested in Volunteering?

Current NorthStar Volunteers

Meet NorthStar’s current volunteers: Marcel, Nancy, Carl, and Tara.

For Bios and Testimonials: Visit the Current NorthStar Volunteers page!

Ways to Volunteer:

Caring community adults make the NorthStar program possible and can volunteer in a number of ways. Students participate in short after-school activities, day-long events, community service projects, and multi-day overnight trips. Mentors with the guidance of the NorthStar Coordinator can choose their level of participation based on their available time and skills.

Cohort Mentors:  

The main responsibility of a cohort mentor is to build relationships with students. Cohort Mentors are background checked and have a wide range of skills and backgrounds.  They work with a specific cohort of students consistently to build trust and friendships within the long-term engagement model.

Activity Volunteers:

These volunteers assist in programming based on their individual skills and availability.  Activity mentors volunteer only a few hours a year and are always under the direct supervision of 4-H staff.


Tutors volunteer to assist students academically at Telstar.  They may help students one-on-one or in small groups under the direct supervision of SAD#44 staff.

*Specific job descriptions are available for each of the volunteer roles.

Interested in Volunteering?

  1. Contact Lyndsey Smith, NorthStar Program Coordinator, at 207.890.8625 or by email at
  2. Set up a time to meet in person. During this meeting, you will be asked about your mentoring philosophy, skills, and availability. We are also more than happy to answer any of your questions about the program and volunteering with NorthStar. If you are interested in working with our students we will have you fill out an application packet.
  3. Once we have reviewed your application we will reach out about the next steps, your assigned role, and the schedule for the year. 
  4. Next, follow through with the specific screening process base on your assigned volunteer role. This may include a background check or a driver’s screening. 
  5. Complete a review of the volunteer policies and participate in required 4-H volunteer training.