Business Planning

lobster pickingBefore You Get Started as a Food Entrepreneur (PDF)
This Virginia Cooperative Extension fact sheet describes factors to consider before starting a food business.

Before You Start
This Penn State University fact sheet provides some considerations in becoming a food entrepreneur.

Business Plan Basics (PDF)
This Cornell University publication lists key steps that will maximize the potential for achieving a successful food business.

Business Plan Basics: Fact Sheets for the Small Scale Food Entrepreneur (PDF)
This Cornell University publication outlines the key components of a business plan.

Business Planning
This Penn State University publication describes the components of a business plan and outlines the importance of creating a business plan as a strategy for launching a successful food business.

How do I Start a Specialty Food Business?
This Clemson University publication provides a useful outline to follow for individuals wishing to start a specialty food business.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Specialty Food (PDF)
This Cornell University fact sheet provides a realistic picture of the opportunities and challenges that come with being a specialty food manufacturer.

Recipe to Market: How to Start a Specialty Food Business in Maine
A University of Maine publication that covers the most commonly asked questions when starting a food business in Maine. This bulletin discusses product testing and development, sanitation, business planning, regulatory, licensing, and other considerations relating to a specialty food business. 

Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship: A Technical Guide for Food Ventures (PDF)
This guide from Cornell University was designed to increase awareness of food processing and safety issues related to entrepreneurial food products. It also contains multiple chapters on business related issues. This guide is a good overview but does not cover any one topic in detail.

Starting a Food Business
This Clemson University publication features a discussion on product types and the stages of food product development, including food label requirements, product coding, and Universal Product Codes.

Steps to Start a Specialty Food Business (PDF)
This Cornell University publication lists the basic steps to starting a specialty food business.

Turning On Your Idea: Starting a Specialty Food Business Requires Careful Planning
This University of Maryland Cooperative Extension publication describes the necessary and careful planning needed before starting a specialty food business.