canned picklesAre You Making a Profit on Your Products? (PDF)
This Oklahoma University Cooperative Extension publication discusses often overlooked factors that need to be considered in determining a cost structure for a food product.

Basic Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses (PDF)
This University of Maine publication discusses profitable pricing strategies for small businesses.

Food for Profit: Price and Pricing
This Penn State University publication describes two major types of pricing strategies; cost based and competition based and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Money Matter$: Pricing for Profit (PDF)
This PowerPoint presentation by the Sage Food Group discusses margins and markup, standard industry margins, calculating retailer selling price, how to price your product and other issues related to product pricing.

A Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets guide for pricing specialty food products.

Pricing Processed Food Products
This publication from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry describes how to calculate the cost and profitability of a food product and details other pricing related issues.

Pricing Your Food Product for Profit
This Michigan State University publication discusses typical profit margins for different players in the distribution system as related to the small food producer.