How America Eats: Capturing Growth with Food on the Run (PDF)
This IRI report focuses on the opportunist eater and the potential for marketers of consumer packaged goods (CPG’s) to drive revenue by better understanding this segment of the population.

How America Eats: 2016 State of the Snack Food Industry (PDF)
This IRI publication outlines the themes that are impacting the industry and future opportunities and paths for continued growth.

Ignite Your Sales with Sensory Branding
A University of Maryland Extension article on positioning and branding specialty food products.

A chapter in the Vermont Specialty Food Manual focused on marketing specialty food products.

Marketing a Food Product: Marketing Considerations for a Small-Scale Food Processor
This publication by Mississippi State University Extension Service focuses on the four Ps of marketing: product, place, price and promotion.

Marketing and Branding — Color It “Sold”
A University of Maryland Extension publication that discusses the use of color in packaging and branding food products.

Marketing Considerations for a Small Scale Food Producer: Fact Sheets for the Small Scale Food Entrepreneur (PDF)
This Cornell University publication discusses the importance of developing a marketing plan as an integral part of the larger business plan.

Marketing Food Products
This Texas A&M publication presents information on the Universal Product Code and discusses the elements that need to be addressed in making a presentation to a retailer for placement of your product on the retailer’s shelves.

Marketing Your Food Product
This Penn State University publication asks key questions that need to be answered to create a successful marketing strategy for selling your food product.

Specialty Foods — Marketing & Packaging 101 (PDF)
This PowerPoint presentation touches on many key aspects of the Specialty Food Industry and incorporates important research findings regarding target markets, pricing, distribution, and industry trends.