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University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides educational resources, consultations, and networking opportunities for Maine cranberry growers. Our experts stress the use of best management practices and integrated crop management programs to improve crop production and sustainability while simultaneously striving to reduce any risks to human health and the environment.

Coming Soon (Spring 2019): The entire UMaine Extension cranberry site will be migrating to UMaine’s new website template or system, for a nicer, cleaner, and more modern look (which is also optimized for viewing on smartphone and handheld devices/tablets).

Link to our section that provides services for Maine cranberry growers, at to our page of cranberry education resources for teachers/educators, at to our fact sheet about Highbush Cranberry, at button linking to our page with instructions for growing cranberries, at
A button for linking to our page full of cranberry facts and history, at button for linking to a page to find out the nutritional makeup of a cup of cranberries, at button for linking to our page describing different ways that you can add cranberries to your diet, at to a page of Maine cranberry pictures, at ripe cranberry in Etna, Maine
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Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Unit || 17 Godfrey Drive || Orono, ME 04473-3692 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]

Information you can use, research you can trust. University of Maine Cooperative Extension is your doorway to University of Maine expertise.  For more than 100 years, we’ve been putting university research to work in homes, businesses, farms, and communities—in every corner of Maine.