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An outline of the State of Maine, filled in with a picture of Maine cranberries (clicking it sends the user to UMaine Extension's Cranberry Home Page)

Link to find out "what's new?" that growers may wish to know about.
Link to our Cranberry Insects section
Link to our Cranberry Weeds section
Link to our Cranberry Diseases section
Link to the Maine Cranberry Integrated Pest Management Guide
Pest reports or updates that are posted during the growing season - button is red and the text changes to Pest ALERT when there is a very important pest situation taking place.
Link to Degree Day Values (those of significance to Maine cranberries)
Link to our Maine cranberry management calendar
Link to a page about a cranberry abnormality referred to as Umbrella Bloom
Link to a page about a cranberry nutritional imbalance known as Yellow Vine
Link to a page that helps to explain the percent out-of-bloom calculation as it relates to cranberry fruitworm management, at
Link to our page that presents and summarizes some cranberry research findings from Maine and elsewhere, at
Link to a page providing real-time local weather conditions for various towns in Maine
Link to a listing of cranberry Spring and Fall frost tolerances
Link to erosion control guidelines for cranberry cultivation in Maine
Link to a page of common nutrition and fertilizer questions and answers pertaining to cranberries
Link to information about cranberry tissue testing
Link to a listing of cranberry workshops and meetings (mostly those in Maine)
Link to a page showing Maine annual cranberry harvest figures
A button for linking to other sites of interest to cranberry growers, at

Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Unit || 17 Godfrey Drive || Orono, ME 04473-3692 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]