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Cranberry Photos

Maine Cranberry Digital PhotosPhoto of a Maine cranberry harvest in Jonesboro, October 2016

Cranberry harvest in Jonesboro, Maine, October 17, 2016. Photo provided courtesy of T. Look.

The remaining photos on this page by Charles Armstrong (UMaine Extension’s Cranberry Professional) are free for anyone to use – permission is not required, but giving credit is always appreciated:

Maine cranberries along the edge of a bed during harvest A patch of wild cranberries growing in a ditch in Cherryfield, Maine Cranberry harvest - Columbia Falls, Maine

Maine cranberries in Troy (Stevens variety) Cranberry uprights with some remaining winter dormancy - April 30th 2003 A cranberry upright - May 30th 2003 Cranberries that aren't quite ripe yet

Harvesting cranberries at Pasture Lane Cranberries in Columbia Falls - Oct. 24th 2002 Cranberries from Troy, Maine, in the glow of the late afternoon sun Cranberry blossoms in Etna, Maine Cranberry blossoms in Lincolnville Center, Maine

Yellowjacket visiting a cranberry blossom in Maine Honeybee pollinating a cranberry blossom in Maine - July 27th, 2004 Honeybee pollinating cranberries in Lincolnville Center, Maine Honeybee hives placed beside a Maine cranberry bed

A bumble bee pollinating a cranberry blossom in Maine Cranberry blossoms and pinheads in Troy, Maine - July 2004 Maine cranberry blossoms (Ben Lear variety) - Summer 2003 A cranberry blossom in Maine with a crab spider waiting for its next meal to come along

Cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009 Cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009 Cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009 Some rakes temporarily getting a rest during a cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009

High Resolution Images

A ripe cranberry in Etna, Maine A Maine cranberry harvest (berries are getting washed and separated from debris) A Maine cranberry harvest Maine cranberries, freshly-harvested, before heading off to be processed

Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Unit || 17 Godfrey Drive || Orono, ME 04473-3692 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]