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Cranberry Photos

Maine Cranberry Digital Photos – by Charles Armstrong (UMaine Extension’s Cranberry Professional) These photos are free for anyone to use – permission is not required, but giving credit is always appreciated.

Maine cranberries along the edge of a bed during harvest A patch of wild cranberries growing in a ditch in Cherryfield, Maine Cranberry harvest - Columbia Falls, Maine

Maine cranberries in Troy (Stevens variety) Cranberry uprights with some remaining winter dormancy - April 30th 2003 A cranberry upright - May 30th 2003 Cranberries that aren't quite ripe yet

Harvesting cranberries at Pasture Lane Cranberries in Columbia Falls - Oct. 24th 2002 Cranberries from Troy, Maine, in the glow of the late afternoon sun Cranberry blossoms in Etna, Maine Cranberry blossoms in Lincolnville Center, Maine

Yellowjacket visiting a cranberry blossom in Maine Honeybee pollinating a cranberry blossom in Maine - July 27th, 2004 Honeybee pollinating cranberries in Lincolnville Center, Maine Honeybee hives placed beside a Maine cranberry bed

A bumble bee pollinating a cranberry blossom in Maine Cranberry blossoms and pinheads in Troy, Maine - July 2004 Maine cranberry blossoms (Ben Lear variety) - Summer 2003 A cranberry blossom in Maine with a crab spider waiting for its next meal to come along

Cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009 Cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009 Cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009 Some rakes temporarily getting a rest during a cranberry harvest in downeast, Maine - 2009

High Resolution Images

A ripe cranberry in Etna, Maine A Maine cranberry harvest (berries are getting washed and separated from debris) A Maine cranberry harvest Maine cranberries, freshly-harvested, before heading off to be processed

Cranberry questions? Contact Charles Armstrong, Cranberry Professional. University of Maine Cooperative Extension || Pest Management Office || 491 College Avenue || Orono, ME 04473-1295 || Tel: 207.581.2967 [email:]