Cranberry Publications

Maine Cranberry Publications:

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Some Additional Maine Cranberry Publications:

  • Armstrong, C. 1998. “The Mighty Cranberry.” Water Gardening. May/June. 3(1): 24-28.
  • “Down East, A ‘New Red Tide’.” 1997. Cranberries: The National Cranberry Magazine. Ed: Carolyn Gilmore. Oct.  61(9): 18-19 + cover photo;
  • Lasell, J. 2000. “Wyman’s Finest Crew Sets A Record: Women field cranberries where the blueberry is king.” Cranberries. Rochester, Massachusetts. Dec. 2000/Jan. 2001. 64(11): 16-17.
  • Oertel, Bob. 1996. “A Conservation Plan for Every Cranberry Grower.” Land and Water: The Magazine of Natural Resource Management and Restoration. 40(4): 41-43.
  • Stubbs, Constance S, and Nancy Coverstone. 2004. Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators: Enhancing Their Habitat in Maine.”  University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Orono, ME. Bulletin #7153.
  • Textor, K. 1996. “Crazy Over Cranberries.” Down East: The Magazine of Maine. Oct. pp. 40-44,66.

A Sampling of Health-Related Cranberry Publications:

[See also the health research section of the Cranberry Institute’s website which has a “health research library” of its own pertaining to health studies that have been published on the topic of cranberries!]

  • Avorn, J., M. Monane, J. H. Gurwitz, R. J. Glynn, I. Choodnovsky, and L. A. Lipsitz. 1994. “Reduction of bacteriuria and pyuria after ingestion of cranberry juice.” J. of the Amer. Med. Assoc. Chicago. The Association. March 9th. 271(10): 751-754.
  • “Cranberry Herbal.” 2000. Herbs at Home: Herbs for Everyday Living. Publisher and Editor, Jen L. Jones. Autumn Issue. 11(3): 32-35, with 3 extra cranberry recipes on page 21 under “Kitchen Notes.”
  • Engelhart, M. J., M. I. Geerlings, A. Ruttenberg, J. C. Van Swieten, A. Hofman, J. C. M. Witteman and M. M. B. Breteler. 2002. “Dietary Intake of Antioxidants and Risk of Alzheimer Disease.” J. of the Amer. Med. Assoc. Chicago. The Association. June 26th. pp. 3223-3229.
  • Fleet, J. C. 1994. “New support for a folk remedy: cranberry juice reduces bacteriuria and pyuria in elderly women.” Nutrition Review. Lawrence, Kan. International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). May. 52(5): 168-178.
  • Morris, M. C., D. A. Evans, J. L. Bienias, C. C. Tangney, D. A. Bennett, N. Aggarwal, R. S. Wilson, P. A. Scherr. 2002. “Dietary Intake of Antioxidant Nutrients and the Risk of Incident Alzheimer Disease in a Biracial Community Study.” J. of the Amer. Med. Assoc. Chicago. The Association. June 26th. pp. 3230-3237.
  • Munson, M. 1994. “‘Berry’ reasonable remedy: study upholds bladder infection home remedy, cranberry-juice cocktail.” Prevention. 46(7): 26.
  • Vinson, J. A., X. Su, L. Zubik, and P. Bose. 2001.   “Phenol Antioxidant Quantity and Quality in Foods: Fruits.” J. of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Nov. 49(11): 5315-5321.
  • “Yes it cran! (cranberry juice as home remedy for urinary problems).” 1994. Newsletter of the People’s Medical Society. 13(3): 7