What’s New?

Two helpful items from the “Farms and Food Systems” Newsletter (July 2018 Issue):

  • Are We Covered or Not-Covered? Figuring out the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Rule — Not sure if you’ll have to comply with the FSMA Produce Rule? You’re not alone. To help farmers answer this question, UMass Cooperative Extension has developed an online-interactive assessment tool to guide you through understanding if your farm is covered or not, and at what level. Find out how FSMA will affect your farm.
  • FSMA Record-keeping Requirements and Templates — Concerned about what records you need to keep to be compliant with FSMA? The Produce Safety Alliance has compiled a list of needed records and template record-keeping documents to use. Download or print the FSMA Record-keeping Templates (PDF).


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