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Agriculture - Beekeeping Schools

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The University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County holds beekeeping classes annually at the beginning of the year. (Classes vary based on subject interest and instructor availability) 

Beginner Beekeeping

This 5 session course is a great opportunity for new beekeepers, prior to their first year of bees, or it can be a great refresher course for beekeepers just now going into their first winter.

Beekeeping: Honey Bee Diseases (Intermediate Level)

This five hour class will cover the major pest and disease threats to honey bee colonies and their management.  Focusing on non-chemical and IPM strategies, students will learn the best management practices for all of the major threats to colony health in Maine.

Beekeeping: Queens & Nucs (Intermediate Level)

This five hour class will cover the basics of starting your own sustainable apiary program through queen rearing and nucleus colony management.  Designed for the small scale “back yard” beekeeper, students will learn how to raise and handle queens and how to move from queen rearing into nucleus colony creation and management.

Beekeeping: Swarm Management (Intermediate Level)

This five hour class will cover swarming in-depth.  We will cover swarm biology and behavior, how to prevent and manage swarming in your colonies, how to use Swarm Traps and swarm lures, and swarm retrieval.

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Partial scholarships may be available; please contact us at 207.781.6099 or 1.800.287.1471 (in Maine only).

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