Mainely Dish Recipe Video: Corn Chowder

— By Alex Gayton, Assistant EFNEP Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator, Expanded Food Nutrition and Education Program (EFNEP), University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Corn is in-season and on sale! I love fresh cooked corn on the cob, but I also love finding other ways to use it. Corn chowder is a simple and delicious meal to make. I enjoy the soup paired with sides of cheese, crackers, and fruit like apple slices. Recently, I made corn chowder but substituted 1% milk with non-dairy unsweetened oat milk and added canned white beans for extra protein, and it was delicious! The other great thing about corn chowder is that it can be made with fresh, frozen, or canned corn. Use what you have available and enjoy!


Visit EFNEP’s recipe website for the Corn Chowder recipe and recipe video.