November 2022 4-H Newsletter

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Upcoming Dates to Remember

November 11 – Veteran’s Day – Extension Office Closed
November 19 – First Aquatic Tankers Meeting
November 21 – Re-enrollment Due Online or in the Extension Office
November 24-25 – Thanksgiving – Extension Office Closed
December 26 – Extension Office Closed
December 31 – State Deadline for Re-enrollment – No Exceptions

County News

Wyatt, recipient of the Dwight Sargent Leadership award, pictured with Gail Sargent
Wyatt was honored with the Dwight Sargent Leadership award, pictured here with Gail Sargent.

Cloverfest & Leaders Banquet – It’s been 3 years since we celebrated together at Cloverfest, and it was incredible to come together once again, with 70 people in attendance!

We honored our leaders for their commitment and dedication to 4-H and our youth for working hard in many ways that allow them to shine in their own way.
A special thank you to Maine Outdoor School for leading a fun activity outdoors that kids are still talking about!
We’re so thankful for all of the work that went into making this celebration happen, and can’t wait to see what the next year holds for all of our members and volunteers!
Thank you to those who prepared food to share, ordered special awards, opened their school for the location, arranged entertainment, cleaned and set up before, cleaned up after, designed invites, spread the word, held space for a Friday evening to attend, and cheered on their fellow 4-H members and volunteers. We could not have done it without all of you!

Dwight Sargent Leadership Award – The Dwight Sargent Leadership Award is presented to a youth who demonstrates the leadership, skill, and community involvement that 4-H is all about. This year, the committee has selected 4-H youth, Wyatt B, as their recipient. Wyatt is an independent 4-H member with a passion for aquaria and aquaponics. He showcased the skills he’s learned by helping to run the 4-H touch tank at the Blue Hill Fair this year. He excitedly educated the public about the different sea creatures in the tank and answered any questions the fair-goers had. When Wyatt’s shift ended there, he was more than game to continue his service by selling steer tickets, taking orders, and handing out drinks at the 4-H Food Booth! Wyatt was even overheard asking his parents if they could come back another day to volunteer. We are so proud to have members like him a part of Hancock County! Congratulations Wyatt!

Lily, Carla, Terry, & Leah pictured together to celebrate Lily's accomplishment.
Lily, Carla, Terry, & Leah pictured together to celebrate Lily’s accomplishment.

Razor Crossman Award – The Razor Crossman Award asks a lot of its candidates throughout the Blue Hill Fair. This award is presented to a 4-H youth who demonstrates a variety of livestock-related skills. When the committee decides on a recipient, they examine the behavior of the youth throughout the fair, the respect and care they show to their animals and stalls, how they interact with the public, if they’re willing to answer questions and educate those around them, and many other important life skills. The youth selected this year is Lily R! She has demonstrated all these qualities and more. She also deserves to be recognized for volunteering her time at the 4-H food booth every morning and helping our new staff member, Leah, throughout the fair. Congratulations Lily!

Aquatic Tankers – Something fishy is happening in Hancock County and we’re thrilled about it! A new SPIN club, Aquatic Tankers, will be joining our list of offerings. Starting November 19th, this club will meet at Lone Spruce Farm in Dedham once a month. The focus of the Aquatic Tankers Club is to provide opportunities throughout the year for youth to explore their spark in aquaria. It may include crafts, field trips, educational films, testing and maintenance of in-house tanks, guest speakers, and group research. For more information please reach out to the Hancock County Cooperative Extension office.

Leaders’ Association 2021 – 2022 Officers:

  • President: Brenda Jordan
  • Vice-President: Elaine Gokey
  • Treasurer: Terry Swazey
  • Secretary: Lisa Carney
  • Board Members:  Joanne Jodrey, Lisa Reilich, and Lee Sargent

Volunteers – Thank you again to all of our 4-H volunteers. Listed below are leaders who have reached important milestones this year through their volunteer service with 4-H:

First Year Volunteers: Timothy Parson

Five Year Volunteers: Christina Allen, Bryce Farnham, Amberosity Gott, Carla Scocchi

Fifteen Year Volunteers: Joyce Fortier, Lisa Reilich

Twenty Year Volunteers: Sue Baez, Lisa Carney, Kathy Cobb

Congratulations to all!

Club News

Horse of Course – Horse of course had a busy month! The club made two lap-size tie blankets to raffle off. Each tie blanket also included a dog bandana and a refrigeratorHorse of Course club members cutting fabric for tie blankets magnet of a rescue animal. They sold raffle tickets on two days outside of the Ellsworth Tractor Supply as a part of the Paper Clover Campaign. They were able to raise $386 which they split and donated to the Cottontail Cottage Farm Sanctuary in Cherryfield and Forgotten Felines of Maine in Bangor. They would like to thank all of the community members that made this donation possible!

Rails N’ Trails – Rails N’ Trails was able to gather this month to go on a club apple-picking trip. It was a great way to get outside and have a bit of relaxing fun!

State News

  1. 2022-2023 Re-Enrollment Process
    There is a new option available for families for the new 4-H Year.  Starting October 1st, families will have the ability to log into their account and complete their re-enrollment, as well as all required forms, online. If you were enrolled for the 2021-2022 year, you can simply visit: – click “Forgot Password?” and complete the prompts using the email address you receive your 4-H communications to. There is a help menu that offers step-by-step instructions in the system, as well as live chat for questions. You are also welcome to reach out to your county staff or to the State Office at If you would prefer to continue to complete paper forms, they can be found online at: or by reaching out to your county office.
  2. Independent Member Clubs!
    This fall county offices are piloting a new club specifically for independent 4-H members. This is a space for youth to come together and build relationships with their peers. We will share interests, projects, goals, and plans for the year and then reflect on our learning throughout and at the end of the year. This is also a great place to start if you are a new or recently enrolled independent member. We will meet 3 times throughout the year as a group with county staff. This will be a space for youth to foster friendships with peers and possibly come together to work on projects of similar interests. We are even hoping to get the group to brainstorm common interests and work together on a community service project!
    Register here! Meetings can be attended either in person or virtually and will be open to all ages. Dates based on county/region.
  3. 2022/2023 4-H Volunteer Training Opportunities
    As we get ready for the new 4-H year, we are looking forward to offering a variety of learning experiences (both in-person and virtual) for our 4-H volunteers. Sessions are free of charge, but require registration. Some sessions have limited space. Visit the 4-H Volunteer Calendar of Training Opportunities to learn more and register! 
  4. Androscoggin/Sagadahoc 4-H Monthly Workshops – Open to All Maine 4-Hers!
    Come join the Androscoggin and Sagadahoc counties 4-H program at their monthly workshops – the Third Friday of every month (unless otherwise noted) from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the Lisbon Extension Office at 24 Main Street. Anyone interested can contact Melissa Freeman or Cathy Gray to find out more information.Currently Scheduled Topics:
    – November 18, 2022 – Card Making
    – December 16, 2022 – Game Night
    – January 20, 2023 – “Getting the Word Out” Digital Marketing
    – February 17, 2023 – Short Film Making
    – March 10, 2023 – Spa & Relaxation Science
    – April 21, 2023 – Movie Premier Night
    – May 19, 2023 – Wool Spinning Workshop
  5. EFNEP Recipes: Holiday Season
    The holiday season is upon us! While there are many ways we celebrate this time of year, there is one constant theme: food. Whether it’s creating it, sharing it, or giving it, food brings us all together. I have gathered a few special fall and Thanksgiving-themed recipes below to share with your friends and family this holiday season:

Leaders’ Meeting Minutes

Hancock County 4-H Leaders Meeting of October
~Zoom Meeting~

Present- Lisa Carney, Lee Sargent, Brenda Jordan, Lisa Reilich, Joannie Jodrey, Elaine Gokey, Terry Swazey, and office staff Leah McCluskey and Carla Sccochi (online). (7)

The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were accepted as written and read.

Club reports:

  • Rails N’ Trails went apple picking
  • Horse of Course made two fleece tie blankets that will be raffled off. They also made rock art.
  • Jolly Juniors have provided refreshments at the Turkey Shoots for the past two weeks.
  • Maine youth did well at Eastern States this year!

Old Business:

  • Cloverfest- None of the entertainment has gotten back to Leah. Could do pumpkin carving. The Maine outdoor school charges $195, can do stargazing or nocturnal adaptation night hike. Brenda will call them to confirm. For food, Lisa R is bringing cheesecakes. Food will be pizzas, get them from Pats Pizza in Ellsworth and the Franklin Trading Post, Leah and Carla can place the order on Thursday morning. Lee and Terry can pick it up. We will provide drinks.
  • Send any photos taken this year to Leah for a Cloverfest collage.
  • Sent $400 to the office for Dwight’s bench.

Office Business:

  • Enrollment- online this year. So far it is going well!
  • Independent club- a new club for independents to provide a sense of community. They plan to meet quarterly.
  • Continue to meet at 6:30, and have the office reports early in the meeting for Carla.

Adjourned at 7:20

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Carney, Secretary