Spring Feeder Calf Sale, 2018 Preconditioning Protocol

Maine Beef Producers Association Fall Feeder Calf Sale will be Saturday, May 21

For more information, contact Pete Dusoe, Feeder Calf Sale Manager at 207.416.5441 or pbdusoe@roadrunner.com

Protocol detail:

  • Weaning to sale date must be a minimum of 35 days.  A series of two modified live (MLV) respiratory complex (5-way consisting of IBR, PI3, BVD l & ll, BRSV) vaccinations given 21-28 days apart, with the second dose no later than 14 days prior to sale.

***Two Pasteurella vaccinations which include both pasteurella strains.  

  • Treatment of internal and external parasites.
  • Dehorning and castration must be healed.
  • Clostridial (7-way) plus pinkeye plus booster.

Product Options

The products listed below are suggestions developed by the Maine Beef Producers Association.  There may be others that provide coverage of the diseases listed above.  To meet all conforming guidelines, make sure that the protocol details listed above are met with whatever vaccines are used. If you have any questions at all about whether the products you use meets the protocol, please contact Pete Dusoe, Feeder Calf Sale Manager, 416.5441 or pbdusoe@roadrunner.com.

PFIZER INVERVET Boehringer Ingelheim
Modified Live (MLV) 5-way (IBR, PI3, BVD I & II, BRSV) Plus both Pasteurella strains *Booster Needed **Bov-Shield Gold Vista Once SQ **Express 5 and Presponse HM
7-way clostridial (Cl. Chauyoei, Septicum, novyi, sordelli, Perfringens type C & D) Ultra Choice 7 20/20 Vision 7  Alpha-7/MB1

Yearlings that received protocol as calves need boosters.  Yearlings not receiving protocol as calves need to follow the time schedule and receive both initial and booster vaccinations.

Cattle not meeting preconditioning protocol will be separated and sold as non-conforming cattle.

Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) recommends using subcutaneous (SC) products when possible, 16 – 18 gauge needles, ½ – ¾ inch for SQ, 1 – 1 ½ inch for IM.

Vaccines work best with reduced stress including weaning, nutrition, and handling.

For those wishing to use Agri-Labs products, Titanium 5 will cover the MLV 5-way, PHM Bac-1 for Pasteurella (see below), and Cobalt 7 will cover the 7-way clostridial. 

** If other vaccines have already been purchased (for instance Pfizer’s Bovi-Shield Gold) one of the following must also be provided (2 doses); Ft. Dodge’s Presponse HM (NOT SQ!), Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pulmo-Guard PHM-1 or Agri-Labs PHM Bac-1.  Pfizer’s One-Shot does NOT protect against Pasteurella Multocida, therefore is not recommended.

Trade names are used for identification. No product endorsement is implied, nor is discrimination intended against similar materials. Cooperative Extension makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind concerning the use of these products.