Standards for the Housing and Care of Horses


A. A constructed shelter, with a minimum of three sides and a waterproof roof, shall be provided at all times to protect equines from sun, rain, wind and other inclement weather.

B. The roof shall be waterproof.

C. The shelter shall be of sufficient height and size so that the animals may stand upright in their normal position, with safe head clearances, and accommodate all animals comfortably at all times.

D. The floor shall be dry and suitable for the animals to lie down.

E. Any animal shall be provided with extra protection by improved housing facilities, blankets, or other methods if the health of the animal is compromised in any way.

F. Where indoor shelter is provided, that shelter shall be adequately ventilated to prevent excessive dust or excessive moisture that may be detrimental to the equine’s health.


A. Equines shall have unlimited access to clean water to maintain normal hydration.

B. Each equine shall have sufficient hay, grain, or other feed to maintain its normal body weight. Additional feed shall be fed to underweight animals to achieve normal weight.

C. The feeding arrangements shall be such that each animal gets its own proper share of food

D. All owners/keepers of equine shall have on hand at all times enough hay and grain to maintain all equine in a healthy condition.

For more information: Maine Department of Agriculture Conservation & Forestry “State of Maine Animal Welfare Laws and Regulations (PDF) (Chapter 743, Equine Activities, page 83).


Source: Maine Department of Agriculture “State of Maine Animal Welfare Laws & Regulations” page 132.