Maine Equine Welfare Alliance

This organization was started as a result of State of Maine Legislative Resolve #458, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources to Study Equine Husbandry Practices.

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pony and horse nose to nose
Photo by Pam Corey

The Maine Equine Welfare Alliance was formed to help people needing assistance to provide for their equines and to save as many equines as possible through direct assistance, foster care, emergency assistance, and public education.

We do not engage in controversial dialogue over issues that divide us.  Divisiveness, blame, and pointless conflict is discouraged. Rather, we remain focused on ideas and solutions.

Draft By-Laws



At the June meeting, we decided to make July 1 our yearly start date for membership fees.  If you want to be a voting member, please complete the Maine Equine Welfare Alliance MEWA Membership Form (Word) and send with dues to:

Maine Farm Bureau
4 Gabriel Drive, Suite 1
Augusta, ME 04330
Attention: Jon Olson

Checks should be made payable to Maine Equine Welfare Alliance.  Basic membership is $10.00, other levels are listed on the form.

Maine Equine Welfare Alliance Meeting Minutes:

News of Interest:

The United States Trotting Association (USTA) has created a program to help provide financial support for registered Standardbreds that come into the care of animal control authorities due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. The program is called SOS (Support Our Standardbreds).  Financial support may include board, feed, veterinary care, farrier and dental work and placement for adoption and long-term follow up. Horses in need must be in the legal control of an animal control agency vested with the authority to remove hoses from the care of their owner. For more information and for applications, contact Ellen Harvey at 732.780.3700 or


  • Oregon Horse Welfare Council has a very active group that we have used as a basis for some of our ideas for starting this organization. no longer works


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