Virtual Summer Equine Speaker Series

University of Maine Cooperative Extension is offering a new free Equine Speaker series to share new research, novel management practices, and solutions to common challenges with our equine companions. The theme for summer 2024 is “Pasture and System Management for Healthier Horses.”

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2024 Zoom Sessions

Thursday, July 11, 2024

“Horsekeeping: Diet and Movement for Healthier Horses”
Alicia Harlov, Specialty Farrier and Humble Hoof Rehabilitation & Podcast

This talk will be an overview on nutrition and movement for horse health, and where many modern day diets and environments fall short. Included will be practical ways horse owners can make adjustments to improve their horses’ living situation and nutrition without breaking the bank.

Wednesday, August 7, 2024

“Pasture Management and Horses: The What, the When and the How.”
Dr. Jaime Garzon, UMaine Extension Forage Specialist

Dr. Garzon will cover topics on grass species for horse grazing, weeds and legume control, pasture management (when to start grazing, when to end it), and forage and hay sampling and results interpretation.

Friday, September 13, 2024

“What’s bugging your horse? Managing insect pests on equine farms”
Elissa Ballman, UMaine Senior Research Associate and Ph.D. student

Stable flies, house flies, ticks, and midges are just some of the pests horses encounter on our farms. Not all flies are created equally, or are managed equally. Learn how to identify which pests you are dealing with, when they are active, and integrated pest management tactics you can use to keep your horses happy and healthy. Also, get a sneak peak at the current stable fly research happening in Maine.

Past Sessions

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

“Keeping Easy-Keeper Equines CAN be Easy!”
Cherrie Nolden, Farmer, Won Der Fjords

Cherrie Nolden shares the management approaches that she’s developed and practiced for naturally keeping pastured easy-keeper equines healthy and happy, while also improving the environment and life-work balance.

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