Terms Helpful in Weed Identification

(Lesson 4. Weed Control in Pastures continued)

alternate leaves: leaves attached singly along a stem.

axil: point where a leaf or branch is attached to the stem.

bract: a modified leaf structure that surrounds the flower on some plants.

leaflet: a division of the leaf.

lobe: the leaf margin that is shallowly or deeply divided into sections or divisions.

opposite leaves: leaves attached in pairs along the stem.

pappus: a cluster of fine hairs attached to the seed in some plants, e.g., dandelion.

rhizome: an underground creeping stem which provides the means of production of some perennial plants.

rosette: a basal cluster of leaves. The first year’s growth of biennial plants.

stolon: an above-ground prostrate stem which provides the means of reproduction of some perennial plants.

whorled leaves: three or more leaves attached at the same point along a stem.

winter annual: an annual plant that initiates growth in the fall and produces seed the following spring.

winged: any membranous extension or in some instance the extension of the leaf blade.