(Lesson 6. Managing for a Year-Long Forage Supply continued)

  1. Spring and early summer; mid-summer; late summer and fall
  2. mid-summer
  3. True
  4. False
  5. Stock pastures lightly all through the growing season; Make early cut hay on some pasture land and use these fields for grazing in summer; Remove animals altogether in summer months
  6. intensity of grazing; duration of grazing; resting of recovery period; size and number of paddocks
  7. Managing plant growth and plant health
  8. Summer annuals; Summer N Fertilization; Adding forage legumes in grass pastures
  9. Stockpiling idles acres that are needed for summer grazing; Stockpiled feed is low in quality
  10. Legumes add N to pastures; Legumes increase productivity and intake potential of grass pastures; Legumes grow more during the summer than grasses