Fall 2020 EPC Grant Workshop

Hosted by the Extension Professional Committee on November 17, 2020


Jen Bonnet, Librarian
Fogler Library

(please contact Jen if you have additional questions or need assistance researching grant opportunities.)

You can use Fogler Library resources to find grant opportunities: https://libguides.library.umaine.edu/grants

  • Click on the “Funding Databases through Fogler” tab
  • Click on the link to set up an account under “Pivot” and create an account using your personal information (the link that says “Use login from my institution doesn’t work for UM!)
  • Using your Pivot account, you can:
    • Save search criteria and receive alerts of updates
    • Share results with co-workers and community partners
    • Use Advance Search to set up your search criteria. Some important fields include:
      • Citizen/residency
      • Funding type
      • Applicant type
      • Keywords: browse or type to search
      • Activity location – important to finding local opportunities
      • Section of things to exclude from search
    • Set up groups to share information about specific grants or projects
    • Add tags to track opportunities and to organize them by project or group
    • Track grant deadlines and set reminders and updates
    • Find your saved searches and shared info under the Home menu
  • The Foundation Directory Online is a resource to find Foundations that award grants and see the types of organizations and projects they have funded in the past and how much they generally award.
  • Other tabs on the Fogler site offer grant writing tips, workshops, and sample documents.

Tips, next steps, and the grant process for Extension and UMaine:

  • Talk to PAs and other colleagues about their experiences or knowledge about specific grants or funders (which ones might be difficult to work with or to get approved)
  • Find out all the steps you will need to follow with Extension and Office of Research Development and Administration:
  • Big Picture steps:
    • Find and research grant opportunities: review eligibility requirements; talk to colleagues, choose what to apply for
    • Start process with ORA – Notice of Intent form to get your application in the queue
      • Your final request needs to be received by ORA at least 15 business days prior to the grant deadline
      • ORA submits the final grant application
    • Write narratives and create the budget
    • If the grant is awarded, work with Extension and ORA to set up chartfields and make a plan for managing grant funds.
      • Michael can help with payroll details/current salaries, budgeting, chartfields, etc.
      • Amanda can help with procurement process details
      • Fran can help if new positions are needed
        • Cost of positions
        • Descriptions & PDQs