Generating External Funds for Cooperative Extension (for Personnel, Programs, or Projects)

It is important that all Extension staff understand and work within University and Cooperative Extension policies and procedures when seeking external funding. All external funds that support Extension must be managed within University chartfield accounts, except for county funds which are managed by County Executive Committees.

As described below, there are various pathways for generating external funding, and staff are expected to adhere to the Extension policies and guidance related to them.

Extension Sales, Service, and Registrations

Revenue is generated through the delivery of programs and services, and sales of promotional merchandise and publications. Some examples include Master Gardener Volunteer registration, Potato Conference registration, Compost School registration, animal and plant diagnostic services, camper fees, 4-H program registration fees, and branded t-shirt sales. Most program and service revenue is paid via online registrations managed by Financial and Data Management Systems Administrator. Publication sales are managed by Extension’s Publications Manager/Graphic Designer. Services that are governed by contracts and agreements are reviewed by Extension’s Accounting and Reporting Professional, and can only be signed by the Dean of Extension or a designee.

Gifts and Fundraising

Gifts/Donations: A gift is a contribution received to support Extension’s mission for which we have made no commitment of resources or services other than, committing to use the gift as the donor specifies. All gifts are deposited to the UMaine Foundation through a specific process; Extension’s Dean office  Administrative Specialist will work with you and the UM Foundation to make deposits. All staff who may be involved in soliciting, receiving, and/or processing gifts should be familiar with gift-giving policies. See Gift Processing and Gift Processing 101 for UMaine Employees.

If you have questions please contact Extension’s Financial and Data Management Systems Administrator.

Fundraising: Funds generated through fundraising activities are accounted for as “gifts” once the value of what the “donor” receives is calculated and subtracted. This must be done within a special accounting process in order to determine that value. Fundraising activities require a special one-time chartfield account and an associated gift account. If you are planning a fundraising event to benefit  UMaine Cooperative Extension or one or more of its programs, please contact Extension’s Extension’s Assistant Director and Financial Manager or Accounting and Reporting Professional.

Funded Projects with Deliverables

Grants and Contracts: All proposals for grants and contracts are submitted through the UMaine Office of Research Administration (ORA). The process is structured to meet auditable management and accounting guidelines for each award. These funding opportunities typically require project budgets and a specific set of deliverables. Staff should work with Extension’s Accounting and Reporting Professional for guidance about timelines, how to submit proposals, and how to manage grants.

Industry-Sponsored Projects and Research: Funds that are generated from business and/or industry to support projects that result in deliverables (quid-pro-quo) must be managed through the Office of Innovation and Economic Development — Industrial Cooperation. An example of a funded project with deliverables would be a crops trial funded by a seed company in return for research results. Staff should contact with Extension’s Accounting and Reporting Professional for guidance.

Public Funds

State Funding through legislative requests: Requests to the State of Maine for funding of University programs are made by the University of Maine System only and can never be made directly or indirectly by University staff, departments, or campuses. If you have any interest in State funding through the legislative process you must contact your Program Administrator and the Extension Leadership Team. Also, if you get contacted by a legislator asking for assistance with a funding request that is directly or indirectly related to Cooperative Extension programs please connect with your supervisor/Extension Administration immediately for guidance about how to respond.

County Funds: County funding for Extension is governed by State of Maine statute and can only be made through each county’s Executive Committee, not directly by University staff.

Other Revenue Sources

If you envision bringing funds into the University to support Extension that do not fit into the categories above, please contact Extension’s Assistant Director and Financial Manager or Accounting and Reporting Professional.