Search and Hire Process

The search and hire process, whether for a brand new position or existing position’s vacancy, whether base funded or soft money, hourly or salaried, requires a handful of individuals and many steps along the way. You have a team of staff and resources available to ensure this is a clear and smooth process for the supervisor, search committee chair and members, as well as applicants.

As your first step, please complete the Position Fill Request Google Form. When the position has been approved to move forward, the Assistant Director of Employee Engagement & Human Resources, Beth Hawkyard, and Administrative Specialist supporting Staff Coordinator work, Emily Bofia, will reach out to provide an overview of the process of searching for your next Extension employee.

The Search and Hire Process Guide for Supervisors and Search Committee Chairs has been developed as a helpful tool, providing guidance along the way. Please read through the Guide in its entirety. The quick links and information below are for your reference after reading through the Guide. Reach out to Beth or Emily if you have any questions.

Search & Hire Process Resources:

(Stay tuned for links below coming soon)

  • Search and Hire Process Guide for Supervisors and Search Committee Chairs
  • Recruitment and Hiring Policies (Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3.1 Recruitment and Hiring)
  • Extension Position Negotiation Process (Faculty)
  • Extension Position Negotiation Process (Professional)
  • Resources Offered in the Search and Hire Process Guide
    • Position Fill Request Google Form
    • Project Management Tool
    • Hiring Process Communication Guide
    • Job Description Templates
    • Position Description Questionnaire
    • Sample Interview Question
    • Interview Guide
    • Common Mistakes and Questions to Avoid
    • Search Committee Office of Equal Opportunity Training Video
    • Search Committee Communication Template
    • Advertising Menu for Job Listings