Volunteer and Client Incident Reporting

Purpose: This form will allow supervisors and administrators to be aware of, have an account of, and support the staff member experiencing incidents that affect their ability to carry out their job and program activities.

System for staff-reported volunteer and client incidents Data (Volunteer or Client)

For an issue disrupting programming, you must to report all incidences within one week of the occurrence.
Examples include an issue that violates our standards of behavior (volunteer only).

  • UMaine Extension Staff Reported Volunteer and Client Incidents (Google Form)
    (prepared by staff regarding a client or volunteer)

    • Parameters
    • Staff name
    • Volunteer or client name (Last, First)
    • Supervisor’s name
    • Was the supervisor notified of the incident?
    • The organization they are associated with or no association
    • Date and time of the event
    • Program name
    • Stakeholders involved (program participants ie. 4-H youth, staff, MGV, etc..
    • Did another staff member observe/witness the incident?
    • Describe the situation and incident
    • Is this a direct violation of a specific UMaine policy?
      Violation Possibly Described As:

      • Discrimination violation
      • Child abuse or neglect
      • Animal abuse or neglect
      • Disrespectful treatment of others
      • Financial mismanagement
      • Other standards of behavior violation
      • Other
    • Is this the first occurrence of this type of issue?

If the form link is unavailable, please submit this data directly to the supervisor. The supervisor then consults HR and potentially the Associate Dean or Dean.

Staff Volunteer or Client Issue System Procedure: