Accident Reporting

Supervisors must promptly report all workplace injuries/illnesses after ensuring that the employee, volunteer or client has received medical attention.

Non-emergency medical attention for employees in the Bangor area can be arranged by contacting Cutler Health Center at 581.4010 or by scheduling an appointment with your medical provider.

To report an injury/illness sustained by an employee please complete the Incident Report Form (Workers Compensation) form available at the UMS Workplace injury and illness page, and send it directly to the Risk Management Office with a copy to Fran Sulinski.

To report Injury or Property Damage to Others (clients or volunteers); Property Loss: University Buildings, Contents or Other Property; Motor Vehicle Accident please complete the appropriate Incident Report form available at the UMS Workplace injury and illness page and fax it to Fran Sulinski at 581.3325.

For more information, see Risk Management and Insurance.