Concur: Travel and Expense Management System

Concur has significant advantages, including online trip approvals, automated workflow, and integration with the Travel Card.

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FAQ Related to Global Card purchases and Concur

Do I have to use multiple chartfields on the same concur report?

No, you do not need to use multiple chartfields on each Concur report. It’s okay to create an expense report for each separate chartfield if it is easier for you to track the expenses. Procurement would like staff to submit non-travel expense reports biweekly, when possible, so it would be best to wait until you have a few expenses from the same chartfield before submitting the concur report. Meaning, when a transaction hits your Available Expenses list, you should add it to a report and wait to see if you have more expenses to be added to it within that two week period before you submit it. There are some staff submitting multiple expense reports per week using the same chartfield, with only one transaction per report. That is not effective employee time management for the employee or all the approvers in the workflow, this is what we are attempting to minimize.

Can I add non travel related expenses to a travel concur report like I have been doing?

Yes, you can still add non-travel related expenses to a travel concur expense report. You just have to mark the appropriate transaction(s) as a non-travel expense.

Additional Information

The University’s policy regarding travel meals changed effective June 3, 2019.
An additional meal-type will be allowed:

Instructions for travelers and manager approvers regarding this new expense type in Concur:

More information about UMaine’s travel policies

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