Faculty Associate Description & Procedure

Background: Non- salaried Faculty Appointment:

A faculty associate contributes significant services to a college or department in the form of limited instruction, supervision, or other assistance. Faculty associates usually hold a paid appointment outside the University. However, they may in some cases receive nominal pay for their services, for example, for supervising student interns. They are not eligible to vote in faculty meetings nor to earn tenure. Appointment is on an annual basis. Do not confuse with teaching associate or research associate.

The successful person would receive the title Faculty Associate.

Process to Establish a Faculty Associate Appointment within UMaine Cooperative Extension (Non-salaried faculty appointment)

1. Current faculty member discusses the proposed appointment and nomination with their Program Administrator to obtain informal approval before submitting the nomination to the Policy Advisory Committee. Current faculty member will then sponsor the nomination through the application process.

The application shall include:

a) CV of nominee

b) Description of anticipated collaborations and activities

c) Benefits and Risks or potential conflicts associated with this appointment for the University of Maine

d) Anticipated benefits to the nominee

e) Expected costs/budget, if applicable, and how they will be covered (grant or by Extension if approved)

2. Application will be submitted to PAC for review and approval.

3. Application then proceeds to the Director for review and approval.

4. Assistant Director will initiate the paperwork to formally request the faculty appointment, including appropriate background checks. The appointment paperwork will require approval/ signatures from the Program Administrator, Director, upper administration and Human Resources.

Nominee and faculty sponsor shall be aware of:

1) Requirements of the faculty associate

A) Will have a minimum of a Master’s Degree and are not represented by AFUM.

B) Adherence to UMaine & UMaine Extension’s non-discrimination, ADA, volunteer code of conduct and completion of on-line training.

C) Completion of necessary safety training, especially if working on research farms. (On-line training as well as on-farm training)

D) Conflict of interest policies.

E) Online security training if appropriate.

2) UMaine faculty sponsor is required to report the accomplishments and success stories achieved by the Faculty Associate.

3) UMaine Extension Faculty Associates will be appointed for two years and then re-evaluated. UMaine Extension may revoke all titles and privileges of the faculty associate at any time for any reason.