Standards to Evaluate All Forms of Scholarship

“The Scholarship of Extension and Engagement: What Does it Mean in the Promotion and Tenure Process?”

— The Forum for Family & Consumer Issues, May 2003, Vol. 8, No.2 ISSN 1540 5273

Clear goals

  • Does the scholar state the basic purpose of his or her work?
  • Does the scholar define objectives that are realistic and achievable?
  • Does the scholar identify important questions in the field?
  • Is there an academic fit with the scholar’s role, department/university mission?

Adequate preparation

  • Does the scholar show an understanding of existing scholarship in the field?
  • Does the scholar bring the necessary skills to his or her work?
  • Does the scholar bring together the resources necessary to move the project forward?
  • Is the work intellectually compelling?

Appropriate methods

  • Does the scholar use methods appropriate to the goals?
  • Does the scholar apply effectively to the methods selected?
  • Does the scholar modify procedures in response to changing circumstances?
  • Does the scholar describe rational for selection of methods in relation to context and issue?

Significant results

  • Does the scholar achieve the goals?
  • Does the scholar’s work add consequentially to the field?
  • Does the scholar’s work open additional areas for further exploration?
  • Does the scholar’s work achieve impact or change? Are those outcomes evaluated?

Effective presentation

  • Does the scholar use a suitable style and effective organization to present his or her work?
  • Does the scholar use appropriate forums for communicating work to its intended audiences?
  • Does the scholar present his or her message with clarity and integrity?
  • Does the scholar communicate/disseminate to multiple audiences?

Reflective critique

  • Does the scholar critically evaluate his or her work?
  • Does the scholar bring an appropriate breadth of evidence to his or her critique?
  • Does the scholar use evaluation to improve the quality of future work?
  • Does the scholar synthesize information across previous criteria?
  • Does the scholar learn and describe future directions?

Note: The questions in italics represent the National Review Board for the Scholarship of Engagement’s modifications.

Glassick standards adapted by Carol A. Schwab