Suggested Timeline for Reappointment / Promotional Packets

Developed by Jennifer Lobley, Extension Educator

Time Frame Sample Action
Monthly 3rd Monday, each month Check your “giant chart”
Plugged In Reporting
Monthly Executive Committee Reports
4-6 months before due date June Peer Committee Meeting
3-4 months before due date 1st week in June (if applying for tenure/promotion)
Contact the people you plan to have written you letters of support/recommendation
3 months before due date
(note- you may need to do follow up with letter writers)
June 15 (if applying for tenure/promotion)
Give list of names to PA for letters of recommendations
Approximately 2 months before due date Aug. 1 Send draft to PC
6-7 weeks prior to due date Aug. 15 Due date to receive packet from PC
5-6 weeks prior to due date Aug. 19 Send draft packet to PA
3-4 weeks prior to due date Sept. 2 Due date to receive feedback from PA
2 weeks prior to due date Sept. 12-23 Block out two weeks before due date
1-2 weeks prior to due date Sept. 13 “Red-Pen” Editor
1 week prior to due date About 3 weeks before PRC meets “Fake” due date for packet
DUE DATE About 2 weeks before PRC meets Due date for packet
ASAP Celebrate!
Approximately 3-4 weeks after packet is turned in Usually Oct. Meet with PRC
Within 2 months of your PRC meeting (will need to wait until you receive the written feedback) End of Dec. Meet with Peer Committee to review written feedback from PRC. Map out plan/areas of focus for next packet.
Any time As needed Call your mentor, PC members or colleagues for help/advice.