Overload Teaching and Outside Employment/Consulting Approval Work


  • There needs to be a formal system for when staff is teaching overload and/or performing Outside employment/consulting.
  • This must be completed before staff commits to overload and consulting. The purpose of this information collection is to better understand the partnerships and collaborations occurring with UMaine Staff. This information will be used to help guide future decisions related to hiring and split appointments.


Those teaching a course as an overload (faculty or staff) should inform their supervisor about these situations.


Staff must notify their supervisor when they are performing consulting:

  • Name of staff (Last, First)
  • PA- supervisor – Dropdown (Last, First)
  • Have you notified your PA? Yes, No
  • Is this an academic course or outside consulting?
    • If consulting, please describe the activity.
      • Is it in-state or out-of-state?
    • Do you have a teaching appointment?
      • Course name and designator
      • Number of Credit Hours (drop-down)
      • Number of students in the course
      • What is the course schedule? ie, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10-10:50
    • How does the consulting or teaching relate to your work or programs?
    • How will this disturb or limit your Extension programming?
    • How will you meet your Extension programming responsibilities?
    • Will you be taking leave time to complete the consulting or overload? If so, how much?

Your supervisor will contact you to discuss this request.

Notes for Supervisees

Does this have to be performed on their own time?
– Definition –


  1. Take vacation time
  2. Perform activities outside of “normal” work hours.
  3. UMaine Extension time buyout
  4. Split appointment
  5. They cannot accept the overload

Staff typically teach the class during off hours, and some have used vacation time. In both cases, they’d be paid for the work rather than have it included in their normal work time and the work should not get in the way of carrying out their Extension role.