Section 1.8 Affiliated Organizations

Maine Extension Homemakers Council (MEHC)

Purpose: The Maine Extension Homemakers Council develops leadership and promotes Cooperative Extension’s educational programs in all parts of Maine. Extension Homemakers are key to lifetime learning. Extension Homemaker group members help to extend the resources of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension into their communities through educational opportunities and service projects. Local members in most counties in Maine belong to their local community group, their county group, and the state group, Maine Extension Homemakers Council. In October, 1994, a memorandum of understanding between MEHC and Cooperative Extension was agreed upon.

Maine 4-H Foundation

Purpose: The 4-H Youth Development program in Maine provides growth opportunities for Maine youth and families to achieve their full potential. The mission of the Maine 4-H Foundation is to enrich youth experiences through partnership with Maine 4-H. Established in 1962 as a nonprofit organization, the Maine 4-H Foundation helps support University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H programs. Foundation funds:

  • help Maine 4-H’ers participate in national 4-H trips such as Citizenship Washington Focus, Conference, and Congress;
  • aid UMaine Extension staff as they attempt to expand and strengthen the Maine 4-H program in their counties; and
  • provide grants and scholarships to clubs and individual Maine 4-H members as they better themselves and their communities through “learning by doing.”