Section 2.6 Extension Resources

Request for Resource Support

If a UMaine Extension staff member needs funding for a specific purpose that will utilize general Extension funds, he or she should submit a statement to the appropriate program administrator. The appropriate program administrator, will review the request and approve (using Extension Leadership discretionary funds), reject, or choose to submit the request to the Extension Leadership Team using the process delineated on Plugged In. This process does not apply to outside funding such as grants, contracts, or gifts, although being able to justify a purchase from these funds requires adherence to University procurement policy and the restrictions of the funder.

Computers and Software Support

UMaine Extension computing devices, whether purchased out of regular Extension funds or grant funds, are the property of the University of Maine. Extension is responsible for their availability, their use, and their support.

Computer software is covered by copyright law. Only legal, properly licensed software may be used on Extension computers. Staff members who place copies of illegal software on Extension computers are placing themselves in positions of potential personal liability for fines and legal actions.

Staff are responsible for familiarizing themselves with UMaine and UMaine System IT policies that address issues related to information security, acceptable use, and copyright violation. These policies can be accessed via the following links: