How do I find a supplier invoice and ask for it to pay?

As a Marketplace shopper, it is your responsibility to monitor your POs and make sure all payments are complete.  Your work is not done until your PO has been closed. If you find that a payment has not been made within the standard Net30 payment terms you need to send an email to Accounts Payable by creating a comment to them from the voucher. Comments should not be addressed to Accounts Payable from the PO, typically those go unseen by the AP staff.  When accessing the documents below, you need to be logged into the MyCampus Portal using your Gmail login username and password.

Checking on Supplier Invoices:

Please note: The guide and video direct you to make a comment to one of the AP staff members. They have since created the email address that you should use instead. This will ensure that your request is handled in a timely manner.