Services Rendered: Independent Contractors and Professional Services

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Services Rendered

A UMS services contract and Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) need to be in place BEFORE any business or individual provides a service.  Please follow the steps below to implement a service contract.


Check MarketPlace (MSM) to see if the supplier is in the system by selecting the Personal and Professional Services form and typing in the supplier name. If the supplier does not come up as an option proceed to STEP 2, if they do come up proceed to STEP 3.


Request they add themselves to the system. This needs to be complete before you can create a Purchase Order and upload the contract for signature.


Fill out the Contract for Services (see NOTE to determine if data security is needed)

  • The contract will not move forward unless all blank lines and boxes are filled out except for the ‘UNIVERSITY OF MAINE SYSTEM’ section. That will be filled out and signed once the contract is uploaded to Marketplace.  Line 3D is often missed so double-check it.
  • Page 2, Line 10 enter the employee’s name who will be overseeing the services.
  • Attachment A should be as detailed as possible.
  • If the contractor has their own contract or agreement that needs to be signed
    • It should read the Univ of Maine System OBO UMaine Extension
    • The signature line should read Univ Representative

STEP 5: Once you have filled out the appropriate contract

  • Send the contract to the supplier asking them to fill out and sign the ‘FOR THE CONTRACTOR’ area and provide a COI as outlined in Attachment B of the contract
  • Once you receive the SIGNED contract back from the supplier with the COI, scan all documents into one file
  • Upload the scan containing the contract and COI to MarketPlace using the Personal & Professional Services form or the Fixed Contract Payment(s) form
  • Once you submit the cart it will go through an approval process that obtains the University representative’s signature and creates the Purchase Order
  • The finalized contract will be sent to the supplier along with the Purchase Order

STEP 6: Once service provided supplier should send invoices to:

  • Email to (preferred)
  • Fax to 207.581.2698
  • Mail to AP Shared Services, University of Maine System, PO Box 533, Bangor, ME 04402.
  • IMPORTANT: to avoid delays make sure that the University of Maine System name is the first line of the billing address.  Anything other than that will not be accepted.

NOTE:  Will the supplier have access to secure data? Data security is needed when the supplier will have access to Compliant Data and Business Sensitive Information.  This may include, but is not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers, financial information, bank account, and credit card numbers, other employee and student personal information (including their academic record, etc.), Drivers License and Social Security numbers, in both paper and electronic format.

Print this page to use as a hard copy, if needed, for tracking purposes. For questions not covered on this page, contact Amanda Miles.