Technology Purchases

Computer equipment or software must be pre-approved by UM: IT before purchase to:

  • Ensure that the requested computer software follows our accessibility guidelines and that a system-wide license isn’t available
  • Ensure that the requested computer equipment is compatible with our systems
  • Ensure that UMS General Counsel approves of any terms and conditions

Please purchase computer accessories, printers, or monitors from one of the technology suppliers within MaineStreet Marketplace (MSM).  If you do not have access to MSM please work with your support staff to place the order.

To purchase a computer or software send an email to along with a detailed request.

  • If requesting a computer purchase, provide the chartfield, supplier name, and the preferred model required features.  New computer purchases are shipped to one of the campus IT departments for setup prior to employee use.  You will be expected to pick it up once complete so please determine the closest campus location.
  • If requesting software licenses, the computer model and operating system are required.  Additional details should include the chartfield, supplier name, website, terms & conditions, etc.  Make sure to indicate who will be using the software so accessibility guidelines can be determined.
  • Someone will contact you about your request with a response that might include one of the following options:
    • Provide a Dell e-Quote for you or your support staff to place the order in MSM
    • Create a shopping cart and assign it to you or your support staff to place the order in MSM
    • The UMaine Bookstore often has Apple products available and can ship them to you if you are unable to pick them up.  Bookstore purchases will not move forward until Derek Husson has received an IDO – Interdepartmental Order Form (PDF)If Derek has requested an IDO, add the description of the item, quantity, price, and the debit chartfield then send the form to Amanda Miles for approval and processing.