Online Learning Modules (Webinars/Online Course Creation)

Webinars (Web conference session)

  • Offered online for online viewing
    • Example might be Zoom
  • Defined audience, with targeted purpose for meeting, generally run less than one hour
  • Pre-registration (closed offering, staff gathers names/email of interested parties and provides link to registrants) is recommended and required for accessibility reasons unless you plan to fund captioning/transcribing of session.*
    • Posting of Webinars to external site for all viewing requires lead program staff to:
      • Adhere to current copyright laws. Use the Copyright Safe Checklist for each topic/presenter to ensure you are not breaking the law.
      • Provide appropriate recognition/representation of intellectual property. When requesting permission to use someone else’s content, use our Permission Requests Form Letter. If you use someone else’s resources, be sure the source is credible and you cite them properly.
      • Complies with Section 508 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This includes transcribing and captioning to make accessible. This service does require a cost to staff.*
      • Use University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s branding consistently. See the Branding Guide for more information.

Please note: If you are partnering with other presenters, University of Maine Cooperative Extension lead programming staff are responsible for collecting above information from those presenters, before the scheduled event, in order to post information on our external website.

* Funding for captioning and transcription must come from funds managed by a County office, Plan of Work Issue Area Groups or funds received from grants. Requests for funding beyond these sources should be made through your Program Administrator once the project cost is known and before the project is begun.

Please keep in mind that eXtension is a resource for staff who are encouraged to participate in communities of practice: eXtension website.

If you would like to learn more in general about these tools please contact the Extension Communications & Marketing Team.

Online Courses (Online Workshop/Online Class)

If you have an online course/class proposal or idea with funding to support, please contact your Program Administrator.