Memories from Betty

A Note from Betty, May 2016:

Words cannot possibly tell you how exciting this was to visit Camp Tanglewood after so many years.
The trip back made me feel much younger when John, Sandy, and Linda took me there.  Just driving the long road to get to the camp was exciting!  I remember hiking out to the beach, putting my feet into the cold, really cold water and then hiking back to the camp.Tanglewood Alumni, Betty, in dining hall

Going into the dining hall and seeing the same tables, fireplace, kitchen, and other things still there brought back a remembrance of playing Santa Claus, a role I loved!  Looking out of the path to the “beach” I remembered diving into the water which had a bit of ice on top of the water and hesitated to dive right in if I wanted to qualify for my Life-Saving Course.  The family was “Mom, you must have been exaggerating about the ice, and Patti said maybe that was true, but you haven’t had any since the University of Maine bought the camp.

I’m not sure how old I was when I first attended as a camper, but it could have been about the age of eight or nine.  I learned to swim there but at the age of 86 now you can realize how important this was for a little girl and only child to attend the camp.  I loved it so much I convinced my parents to keep coming back each year until finally, I was old enough to be on THE STAFF!  My last year was, I believe when  I graduated from high school in 1947.

For me, I was exposed to so many new things to do such as arts and crafts, but the best thing for a little girl was to be in a cabin with other girls and play with them.  We loved to put on our bathing suits and play outside our cabin in the rain.

I am forever thankful that Patti showed me yearbooks during the time I attended Camp Tanglewood and my son Sandy who talked with Rich and arranged this reunion!

Keep it going and you will please many girls, now women who attended this wonderful place.  One last memory, but a very important one was when we all were gathered in the parking lot to celebrate VE day in August 1945. We had hot dogs and other things and sang many of the songs that were popular then.

Again my thanks and I will be pleased to stay in contact.  I wish our other three boys could have seen this also.

— Betty Ann Mayo (Caspole)