Did you attend Tanglewood or Blueberry Cove as a summer camper?

Have you played and learned at Tanglewood as part of a school field trip with the Open Air Classroom?

Maybe you’re a former staff member, a parent of a camper, or a friend looking for a special way to stay connected to these magical places?

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Hey, I went there!

Then join the Alumni Association. As a member we’ll help you get to stay connected with your camp and all your old camp friends.

In addition, we offer special events and activities for Alumni Association members, such as Family Weekends at Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove sites. This is a great opportunity for you to come back to camp, relive your camp experience and share with your family what Tanglewood or Blueberry Cove meant (and still means) to you. Weekend activities include guided nature hikes, an evening campfire, trail and cabin maintenance (for those who like hands-on activities), or you can just hang out at camp! You’ll be able to stay in a cabin or camp out in the field.

Lastly, as part of the Alumni Association, you’ll be invited to give back to the camp which provided you with fantastic memories. As a former camper, school teacher, parent or staff member, you have insight into what goes into making our programs run smoothly.

Giving back

The best way anyone can give back is by sharing your positive experiences with others. Word of mouth is the number one way people hear about the different programs offered by Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove. Imagine the potential each person has to help bring others into our family circle! Share your stories with us or offer to help out at recruiting events, you can even host a family gathering in your town.

Tanglewood & Blueberry Cove offer financial aid to low-income families and we subsidize our school programs with annual fundraising. Your support, at any level, will help make our programs possible for over 4,000 Maine youth and adults each year.

Please check out the Support Us pages for other ways you can help give back.

We look forward to seeing you back at camp!

Alumni Memories

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Do you have a memory and/or pictures to share? Complete our Alumni Contact Form or email your story to extension.tanglewood4h@maine.edu to share them with us! Please indicate in your email if it’s ok to post your name, story and pictures here.