Facility Rental

Our two beautiful facilities are available to become the perfect setting for your spring or fall event. We do not generally rent our facilities during our busiest programming season from June through August.

Looking out over the sea, with a dock

Blueberry Cove, Tenants Harbor

Situated on the picturesque coastline of Tenants Harbor, Blueberry Cove is a perfect backdrop to many events, from weddings to retreats; conferences to celebrations. The site is a mix of forest and rolling meadows, with a large section of shoreline. Rustic living accommodation is married with the convenience of modern kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Blueberry Cove Site FAQs

Leaf-covered trail

Tanglewood, Lincolnville

Surrounded by over 900 acres of beautiful forest, Tanglewood features rustic living accommodation paired with modern kitchen and bathroom amenities.

The Tanglewood facility hosts organizations and/or events that support our vision (such as those with an environmental or educational theme), or those serving local community groups. For other events, please consider Blueberry Cove.

Tanglewood Site FAQs