Memories from Claire

Today, Claire is a STEM Professional working with our St. George Middle School Program at Blueberry Cove. Here is how she got here:

I attended Blueberry Cove as a day camper in 2006 and then attended Tanglewood for many years. It was my favorite place and my favorite time of year. I would count down the days until I would be able to go back to camp.

I went to the two-week session every year. I went camping and it felt like I was coming home. The camp isClaire Dullea, STEM Professional where I fostered my love for the outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are going to the natural waterslides, learning how to canoe on pitcher pond, and then of course my leadership trips.

As a camper, I mostly stayed with the heavy outdoor focuses. I was always either in water focus or one year I was in the crazy adventure outdoor focus. That focus was one of my first ever camping trips and that had me hooked on camping.

I was with the same group for both my years as a Leadership camper and we all got really close and formed a great team. One of my favorite memories was canoeing down the St George river and we stopped by a lavender farm, played baseball, and went hay bale surfing.

Later, I had the opportunity to lead the same leadership trip that I had enjoyed years earlier. It was exciting to have the opportunity to add to some of my favorite memories and see other kids create those same happy memories for themselves.